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What If?

This phrase lies at the core of OCD. ‘What if.’ Two small words that have such a huge meaning and impact on our lives. My whole life revolves around them, from the smallest things; choosing a glass – ‘What if‘ I chose the wrong glass, ‘What if‘ I’ve caused something bad to happen because of it. This phrase fuels the world of OCD, we must complete rituals to reassure ourselves that nothing bad is going to happen – though sometimes even that’s not enough!

I think that breaking this cycle is crucial to beating OCD. I just want to be able to leave a room without counting or tapping and be able to tell myself ‘So what!’ ‘It’s just a thought.’ Even now, whilst writing this post I’ve had ‘What if’ thoughts. It’s something at this point in time I feel like I can’t escape from.

What if – So what!

‘Do something that scares you every day.’ A quote from Extreme OCD Camp – something that I really believe in. Every day just try to do something, no matter how small that sets you on edge and try to prove the fear and anxiety you are feeling wrong. Also ‘Maybe it’s real.’ That one thought that we try so hard to avoid, however when exposed to it, it really does expose us and helps us prove OCD wrong!

-Ellen x https://twitter.com/Ellen_White_

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