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Controlling thoughts – Easier said than done!


Thoughts can be like a runaway train. Running round and round in your head seeming like there’s no end, contaminating your mind, your feelings…I could imagine there being an auction and this happening – ‘Who wants a new mind!?’ Me standing at the back *slowly raises hand* Ah, what am I going on about! That last paragraph was pretty spontaneous, and I’m probably not all with it right now because I’ve just finished over three hours of history coursework, so my brains a bit frazzled.

I guess what I’m trying to get at is that we don’t really have any control over intrusive thoughts. They’re pretty much automatic, but it’s what you do with the thought that makes the difference. I’m still not too sure what is exactly the best thing to do when you have an intrusive thought because I’m not very good at accepting them or dealing with them myself. I’m hoping though, in the future I will learn to control them and deal with them better and then maybe be able to blog about it!

These past two weeks have been pretty hectic for me, with Christmas, New Year and My Birthday (that included with a fair bit if shopping!) all within the space of under a week and a half and I’ve sort of come out of these two weeks a bit dazed and very tired, but it had been really nice. Also, I find keeping busy really helps me a lot with my OCD. Now I’ve just got a few looming weeks ahead of me with a bunch if science mock exams plus History and English coursework to get done, but when its all finished it’ll be a big relief. Damn you science teachers for making us do exams straight after Christmas! Roll on Easter that’s what I say, as it gives me another excuse to fill myself with excessive amounts of chocolate other than Christmas.

Well this has basically been a very spontaneous post with plenty of excessive rambling (my speciality,) but I hope you’ve not minded it too much. I wasn’t even expecting to write a post today, but here we go anyway! I also just wanted to say a big thank you to all the birthday wishes. You really made me smile! : )

Well adios!
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6 thoughts on “Controlling thoughts – Easier said than done!

  1. I appreciate you sharing your heart-felt thoughts. I have recently been assured by a life coach that is is completely natural to receive negative thoughts. Instead of fighting them, we just accept them. However, here’s the key…we don’t latch on to them. We simply accept it, and let it pass. Then we latch on to the positive and productive ones.


    1. That’s something I need to work on. I tend to latch onto thoughts and dwell on them too much, rather than just accepting them and then letting them go. I guess it’s just a work in progress though. : )


  2. At 23 and doing an English degree, I find coursework really helps blocking them thoughts! Try and stay focused for you up-coming exams and good luck! 🙂


    1. Thank you! Yeah, I find that focusing really helps me. I think that’s why I like doing my Wreck This Journal so much. : )


  3. One of the biggest revelations to me when I started researching OCD (my son has the disorder) is that the thoughts those with OCD have are NO DIFFERENT than the thoughts of people who don’t have OCD. It’s the importance those with OCD place on the thoughts and their reactions to them. Yes, we all have the thoughts you talk about, but most of us are just able to “let them go.” Good luck as you keep working on that!


    1. Thank you Janet! I find it really difficult, but I guess it’s something that I just have to keep working on! : )


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