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“People Help the People” – Birdy


I think sometimes we forget when we get entangled by our OCD, depression, anxiety or whatever we might be struggling with, that there are so many people out there who want to help us even if we don’t quite see it ourselves.
The song “People Help the People” by Birdy I think is really a touching song (which I have yet to have listened to all the way through without breaking down in tears – >emotional wreck<) It just shows how people do want to help, sometimes even without us knowing. I’m sure there’s someone who keeps you going, I mean if there wasn’t we all wouldn’t still be fighting. I’m sure there’s people who look to you in just the same way, even if you don’t believe it.
For me, without quite a few people in my life – psychologists, friends, family, support groups – I wouldn’t be able to function and try to fight my OCD. The people who we may not even connect with our mental illness still make the difference. For example if someone smiles at you as you’re walking past, or that little hello you may get from a familiar face that you pass on your way to work/school can make an impact. Small things can be significant, if you just take the time to let them. : )

Even on social media people are helping to raise awareness and break through stigma. I’ve met so many wonderful people through Twitter, Facebook and blogging that have been a huge support! You don’t know how much each and everyone of you mean to me. The courage from so many people is amazing, it blows me away and makes me proud to a part of such a fantastic community. 2014 may look like a looming road ahead, but just know that people will be there to help you. The community’s that are out there are brilliant, and the amount of motivation that can be brought together by a group of people is amazing! Never think that you are alone, keep going because you deserve it. ❤

“People Help the People” – Birdy (link)Please listen to the song. I really do love it, and if you take the time to really think about the people who have helped you whilst you are listening to this, it can fit perfectly.

There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in

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