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OCD and Siblings


For me, I find that I really worry about my sister catching onto some of my OCD tendencies. I’m completely aware that you can’t necessarily teach someone to have OCD, but if she sees me tapping walls or whatever ritual she may see me doing I worry that she may start doing the same. This is probably completely irrational, but it scares me so much because I would hate for her to have OCD take over her life too.

She does act as sort of like an exposure though, because if we are together and I need to ritualise I will try my hardest not to so that she’s not exposed to it. However most of the time that’s really hard to do…I feel like if she ever did develop OCD I would be completely to blame and I would hate myself for it. She’s at the age now that when I was that age my OCD was just starting to develop. It’s like I need to protect her from it, which is nearly impossible because I can’t even escape from it myself.

If for example if she taps something more than once, which for her is totally unrelated to OCD and rarely happens, I completely freak out and start shouting “stop stop” because I’m so scared it might be related to OCD. It isn’t at all because she just stops and walks off no problem, but in the moment I just mentally flip out and try my absolute hardest to make her stop. Normally if this ever happens, she only starts to tap to take the mic out of me which she doesn’t do often and I don’t even think she fully understands what OCD is at all, but it just makes me so scared. I think I’m just too vigilant and I see things that aren’t even relevant and it’s just my mind messing with me.

This post was a little all over the place but hopefully it read okay. Has anyone else experienced this? It doesn’t necessarily have to be with a younger sibling, it could be with anyone.

I thought I’d add a quote at the end if each of my posts from now on so today’s quote is:

When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on

Speak soon
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5 thoughts on “OCD and Siblings

  1. Ellen, This is a wonderful post. I can see what a caring sister you are. As you know deep down, whether or not your sister develops OCD has nothing to do with you. The best thing you can do for your family, and for yourself, is to keep fighting the OCD. Good luck!


    1. Thank you so much Janet! I think I’m just a bit of a worrier. I’ll try my best to focus and keep fighting my OCD! x


  2. Probably not a particularly encouraging comment but I understand your worries having been on the other side of the situation. My best friend of 14yrs always showed signs of contamination OCD when I look back, but they got especially bad when we were about 17. My worst OCD issues were mostly aged 13/14/15 (spare a few relapses) and my compulsions are all internal really so she never knew. I still havn’t told her and we havn’t spoken in 18months as her OCD was affecting my mental health so badly.


  3. I blamed myself for 2 years that the strain of my OCD had made my twin anxious, leading to her developing a completely different manifestation. However I realise now we both had tendencies even when young.. Blaming myself makes me feel even more guilty than I do anyway cos of OCD… I just need to let it go


    1. That must have been really difficult. Especially because OCD makes us feel guilty for even the smallest of things. I agree though, we need to try and just let it go, even though that’s a really hard thing to do. Hope you’re okay. 🙂


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