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H•O•P•E – January OCD Blog Hop


Hello all! So just a quick introduction as to what the OCD blog hop is. A theme is picked every so often by one person participating in the blog hop and then everyone creates a post relating to that theme. The theme for this blog hop is ‘hope’, so here’s my post about hope. : ) If you would like any more information about the blog hop head to @ocyour’s blog page! http://wp.me/p1pZTc-8c

Hope is something I think that we should all try and hold onto. The very nature of OCD can try to diminish any glimpse of hope that we might have, but we mustn’t let it. The hope that we will beat OCD, the hope that we will be free someday and the hope that we can do this!

Now of course this is a lot easier said than done. I find myself constantly thinking that I’ll never beat OCD and that it’ll never leave me…but there’s always h•o•p•e. I found this quote (yes, I am a big fan if quotes) and I thought it really related to OCD:

Hope is the only thing stronger than fear

There are many things we fear when it comes to OCD, so this can be very relevant. When we try to do an exposure and the fear and anxiety starts to take over us. Try and keep in mind that hope is stronger than fear. If we believe, then we can do it! Another quote that I really like is:

h•o•p•e – hold•on•pain•ends

We must all hold on because things will get better. It doesn’t matter if you just need to cry, scream, or just take a break because things can improve. There’s support out there that will enable us to do so. It’s hard in the moment to tell yourself this, but sometimes I think that it’s the key.

Never give up!
Ellen x My Twitter

5 thoughts on “H•O•P•E – January OCD Blog Hop

    1. I agree! It’s really nice to be able to relate to people round a similar age to you. I hope you’re doing well! : )


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