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You feel sick, you feel stressed,
All these thoughts racing round inside your head.
Panicking, unsure of what to do,
to rid this feeling from inside of you.
Do I tap, do I count?
Do I ritualise to cease the doubt?
You wake up, it hits you, why you ask?
It wants you to spend the whole day behind a mask.
Smiling, laughing, but don’t you see.
What this anxiety is doing to me.
A constant black cloud above your head,
Why didn’t I just spend the whole day in bed?
It’s a feeling you encounter everyday,
It lingers, it waits, how do I make this feeling just go away?
It slowly drops after a while,
Finally getting a glimpse of a smile.
But wait, just wait, it’ll be back,
Getting ready to pounce for another attack.
You keep in your mind it can be beaten,
As we learn to fight and cease the demon.
Anxiety, it lives within everyone,
However it can be maintained and you will have won.

First ever attempt at writing a poem…hopefully it’s okay? What do you think? : )

-Ellen x


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