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What The Hell OCD?!

I’m sure we’ve all had this statement in our heads at some point, I definitely have. Those times when OCD suddenly comes up with a new fear or compulsion and you’re just like ‘What!? Why?! No!? For example I can’t allow myself to eat cereal. Like SERIOUSLY cereal, why!?

‘What the hell OCD!?

Why does my OCD make me fear cereal?
– I honestly think something bad’s going to happen if I eat it, which to non-sufferers may seem completely insane, but the fear that OCD creates is just so real that you honestly can’t ignore it.

Imagine not being able to participate in a certain activity, or not being able to eat a certain food because a voice stops you. The voice, it just won’t leave you alone. Shouting, telling you that you’re a such a bad person, that you’ll make something bad happen if you eat that certain food or complete that certain activity. It drains you. It will make you think that you’re the person that’s telling yourself these things, but that’s not true. You and your OCD are completely separate. It’s your OCD that’s telling yourself these things. They’re not real, OCD doesn’t have to be real. Don’t give it the power to be real.

I think one of the first steps is to just question your OCD. Just be like “What the hell OCD!?” You don’t even need to physically challenge the fear or compulsion with an exposure yet, just take the first step and think why. It won’t be expecting it. Instead of just giving in to the voice, question it. I think it’s important that we do so. We need to show that we’re in charge of our thoughts and that we don’t have to listen to the negative OCD voice. So, why not first just question the thoughts? Have a try. : )

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