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OCD Distractions – Baking!

Hey all, a bit of a different type of post today. I’m going to be talking about distractions. More specifically the distractions that I really like to use. Not necessarily to prevent or suppress my OCD tendencies, as they tend to integrate with everything I do. They’re more there to help boost my mood and take my mind off of things in some respects. I had realised that earlier in the year I had been really isolating myself and just sitting on the sofa night after night feeling awful and upset about everything, however this sudden spark of love for baking/cooking has really made a difference. It gives me something to plan, think about and research most nights plus it’s just plain fun! I tend to help cook tea almost every night, so that helps keep my mind off of things and gives me a little mood boost, that I quite often need. I’m actually cooking tea right this moment whilst writing this (probably not the best of ideas) Tonight we’re having chilli con-carne and I don’t seem to be burning anything. Success!

So over the past few months I’ve been starting to bake a lot more and I’ve found it’s a really fun thing to do, especially with others. I think I’ve established an addiction to watching cooking and baking videos on YouTube. I literally can go hours at a time just watching baking tutorials ect…slightly obsessed! So far I’ve made:
• Ferrero Rocher cupcakes
• White chocolate Oreo stuffed cookies
(With the help of a trusty friend)

• Strawberry crumb bars
• White chocolate, oatmeal and cherry cookies
(with the help of my trusty friend again)


• Syrup sponge

and red velvet cookies! *no picture for this one*

I’m planning on doing this awesome sheep cupcake sometime.

And also, lemon & blueberry muffins and red velvet cheesecake.

I highly recommend trying out baking sometime, it’s a really is a fun hobby to have. Plus you get to eat and share what you’ve made, so bonus! I think you can tell I’ve become crazed over baking because I got excited over receiving some really pretty measuring cups. What normal teenager gets excited over that. Me.

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed this slightly different post and let me know if you too try baking! : )

Ellen x

8 thoughts on “OCD Distractions – Baking!

  1. I think it’s awesome that you’ve found a hobby that helps you get away from the OCD for a bit and have fun. I just wrote a blog post about finding happiness despite anxiety/OCD and being outdoors is definitely something that helps me feel more at peace. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your baking adventures 🙂


  2. Oh my god Ellen those cakes look amazing! Plus that sheep one is so cute, you should definitely make that one! Perhaps you should do a cake stall for the OCD conference… ha ha! xx


    1. Haha! Thank you Emily! I’m glad you like. : ) I agree, that sheep one is way too cute, must bake! I wish I could do a stall at the OCD conference, it would be so good. Baking and OCD awareness, what I like doing best! xx


  3. Hi! I really like the pics of your dishes.It really stimulated my salivary gland.I am also interested in cooking.I don’t know any confectionary receipes.Hoping of a channel of yours on You Tube.


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