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The Lake District Adventure

Hello everyone. So this past week I’ve been on holiday in the Lake District, so I thought I’d share what I did!

The lead up to a holiday for me, is always really stressful. Thoughts going all over the place, worrying about trying to make sure everyone’s okay for the trip ect, ect. It’s not really that fun. Plus trying to choose the ‘right’ clothes to take on holiday because god forbid if I take the wrong t-shirt with me, I could negatively impact the entire trip. OCD logic for you there. Somehow I did actually manage to get on holiday and in turn, I ended up having a really lovely week away.

  • I climbed a few mountains…


  • I saw a few awesome sunsets…

IMG_1980[1] IMG_1965[1]IMG_1959[1]

  • I completed the Via Ferrata Extreme! It’s basically an adrenaline filled experience where you traverse along the edge of a mountain face and then climb to the top of the fell to finish it off. Definitely worth doing if you’re ever in the Lake District sometime.

IMG_1970[1] IMG_1971[1] IMG_1973[1]

  • Aanndd I saw some pretty awesome views and went canoeing…

WP_20140528_028 WP_20140529_002 WP_20140530_001WP_20140531_002

Whilst I’m away my OCD can be really unpredictable. I never really know how exactly it’ll act. On this holiday it was still very much present. It made functioning round the cottage, at times, quite stressful and it increased as the holiday went on, as my OCD had more time to latch onto things and create new rituals. All those things aside, I do find it a lot less stressful being on holiday, its a very small window of escape. A slight alleviation with some of the rituals. Plus when I’m out and about, climbing mountains ect, my OCD doesn’t tend to bother me as much. That’s one of the best feelings in the world.

Whilst I was away, I also discovered the best blueberry muffins ever! Seriously, if you ever visit a Booths, get the blueberry muffins. Sooo good! I also had my fair share of falls during that week. I am one of the clumsiest people you will ever meet, so it was expected. It consisted of me falling over a rock on my way down to this cave and crashing onto the floor in front of everyone…Also, I tried climbing this little waterfall with my dad and my sister, but it ended up me loosing my grip on a rock and falling on my hip straight into the waterfall. Lets just say I wasn’t best pleased…My leggings were soaked and I was accompanied by a fair few bruises all over my legs and hips. I seriously can’t be taken anywhere!

Currently, I’m back home, having just started back at school for the final half term. Only 7 weeks till summer! Woop! And, only 2 weeks till I move up to year 11. Final year, where has the time gone! Hope you enjoyed this post – it’s a little different to my other ones and I hope everyone’s had a great half term! 🙂

Ellen x https://twitter.com/Ellen_White_

4 thoughts on “The Lake District Adventure

  1. Sounds like you had an excellent time, and the pictures are amazing. Thank you for sharing! I completely empathize with the OCD on vacations. I can never tell if I’ll be a useless pile of anxiety or symptom “free” for a day or two. I’m glad you got out there and did this!


  2. Oh you remind me of my son……he goes rock climbing and it’s so amazing to me that he has OCD, yet can do all these things that are so scary to ME. Sounds like you did some wonderful things……nothing like spending some time out in nature. Beautiful pictures also!


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