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“Adapt and Overcome”

This is a quote that I really like to use when things get a little tough. My dad was the first person who I’d heard that had brought up this phrase and I really liked it. It actually wasn’t directed at me when I heard it, but I really loved the context he used it in.

I thought I’d put this phrase into the context of OCD in this post. So, when you have an urge to complete a compulsion or an obsession you gotta adapt and overcome. You have to adapt – change the thought process, or stop/delay the compulsion. Then you have to overcome the fear and anxiety that comes with adapting the situation. I suppose the trick is not to beat yourself up if you don’t manage to both adapt and overcome. Make it a goal, so if you manage to adapt the situation, but you’re not able to overcome and sit with the anxiety therefore you ending up having to complete that ritual, that’s okay. Even just adapting the situation is difficult. I don’t get to that point at times too. Sometimes I even back down all together, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do it. I thought it would be a good little guide to remember, so I thought I’d share it with you!

Remember –

1. Adapt



3. Celebrate!

-Ellen x
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