A Masked Illness

Mental illness is something that many of us struggle with. It can often be stereotyped and stigmatised to the point where people are ashamed to admit that they are struggling. This is not how it should be, we shouldn’t feel like we need to hide away from society, but this is the reality right now.
OCD, along with other MH conditions can cause us to hide behind a mask. That is what I really wanted to show in the image above. Sometimes I think that the pressure to be on top of everything and to be all calm an collective with all tasks can cause many people to disregard their feelings, as it can feel like you’re the only one who’s struggling and that maybe you shouldn’t be, but I promise that isn’t true. I’m guilty of this, but I think it’s very hard not to feel that way at times.
When you walk past someone on the street, nobody has a huge sign over their head saying ‘I suffer from a mental illness’. You normally wouldn’t be able to tell unless someone came up to you and told you. That’s why I think it can be so difficult to start a conversation about MH because it’s not like someone has a broken arm or leg where people can’t help but ask what happened and how did you break it, but with mental health conditions it’s a little different. People tend to hold back from asking questions, even the very simples ones such as “are you okay?”
This is what I really want to change because that one conversation can open up so many doors. So many new perspectives and help that could not have been achieved before.
That I think, is one of the key missing pieces.
With that piece in place there’s so many opportunities and possibilities that can arise and this change is very much possible. 🙂

-Ellen x
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