Coping Day to Day · OCD


I want to start this post off by saying, you are important. Your life is precious and you are meant to be here. Often our futures can become daunting. The persistent anxiousness of what’s to come, but the future is in fact unwritten. Nothing is set in stone. You have the power to shape your future, to carve the pathway through life. Things can change, they can improve, life can be amazing. Make your dreams become reality, discover the true you.

You, you right now reading this. You are important, you are needed, your life has been created because you are strong. Right now you may be sad, upset, excited, happy, ecstatic. All of these emotions are okay. They are letting you know that you’re still here, that you feel emotions. Even if you feel nothing, that doesn’t mean you’re nobody. Life’s a process, there will be many ups and downs. Tears, smiles, hugs, laughs. That spark you may feel, may not be a strong as it used to be, but you can rekindle it. Or it may be a bright powerful light that’s empowering you. It might be the most powerful it’s ever been. Hold onto that feeling, stop, think. Think how far you’ve come.

We are mosaics –
pieces of light,
stars –
glued together
and music
and words

Small Task
Take a piece of paper and write your name.
Then below it write ‘I am living my story, it’s unfinished, but it will become a work of art’
Then fold it up and place it some where safe and when you feel really low, just read it. Remind yourself how important you are. Even if you don’t believe it, I believe it.

Everyone wants happiness.
No one wants pain.
But you can have a rainbow.
Without a little rain.

I believe in you.


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