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Project Pinboard!

Over the past few months my parents and I have been creating a pinboard for my room. It’s something that I’ve always dreamt of having. Being able to pin photographs, quotes, anything that makes me happy! I was speaking with my therapist a couple of months ago about this and we decided to call it ‘Project Pinboard’. We spoke about it being something that I could use to find my true self again. To build a little place for myself to express what I love, that can be continued with for as long as I liked. I know a lot of people call them motivation boards too. I think it’s a wonderful thing to have and I highly recommend one! You can make it your own, pin whatever you like. There’s no limitations, just well, don’t try pinning a led weight onto it because that might be a little tricky!

A few weeks ago I finally completed my board. Project Pinboard has been a success and it’s fair to say that I love it. I think it’s my favorite part of my entire room. I really want to tell my therapist that I’ve finished it, but I can’t at the moment. So if you’re reading T, I completed it!!! Project Pinboard is complete! 🙂

For my pinboard, I decided to print off a whole load of photographs that mean a lot to me from the past few years and pin them round the outside of my board. Then in the center, I’ve pinned lots of quotes that I love and that motivate me. I try to read it everyday as a positive reminder to myself that it’s going to be okay. Starting your day with something positive and encouraging is possibly one of the best things you can do, along with eating breakfast. Breakfast is very important people, never skip it! I also hope to create some little help cards from a letter my therapist wrote to me, plans to keep me well. What I can do when things aren’t going great, what I can do to help lift my mood and useful numbers I can ring. I also have postcards pinned to my board and I’m going to start collecting my cinema tickets and pinning them too.

Main things that you will need to create your board are –

  • A cork board (normally purchasable in a DIY shop)
  • Some pins (stationary stores are great for this, I got mine from WHSmith)
  • A way to attach your pinboard to your wall (smaller ones may be okay with several picture frame hooks, however I needed to drill/screw mine into the wall)
  • And things to pin on your pinboard (crucial :P)

Some optional add-on’s!

  • Fabric to cover your cork board with (I covered mine with a fabric to match my room)
  • A small wooden boarder that you can paint (I got mine from Wickes. My dad attached the wood paneling around the outside of the board and then I painted it)

If you make one or already have a pinboard, I’d love to see it! You can tweet me with the hashtag #projectpinboard. Let’s spread the word about this because I think it’s such an awesome thing to have!

Keep on pinning everyone!

-Ellen x

4 thoughts on “Project Pinboard!

  1. Ooops I got it wrong. Erase the earlier versions, please. Here is the new one:
    What a great idea, Ellen! Absolutely worth testing also for people without an OCD diagnosis. Thanks for your good advice!


  2. Thanks, Ellen. It seems you’ll soon need another pinboard. Or a bigger one! You’ve got a lot of things to pin on your pinboard. 🙂

    BTW, I like your inspiring blog very much, Ellen!


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