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“I’m Not Worthy…”

Dear Reader,

Maybe you came across this post because you typed in “I’m not worthy of _____”, or maybe you came across this post because you are a regular reader. Either way, I ask you to keep reading because no matter if you’re on cloud 9, rock bottom, or just okay, you are worthy. 

You are worthy of:

  • Life
  • Help
  • Support
  • Nourishment
  • Love
  • Safety

And so, so many more. Such a huge misconception is that you need to be on deaths door to be worthy of support. I promise that’s not true. Just because you feel like someone is struggling more than you, doesn’t diminish your worthiness of reaching out. If you feel like things are getting worse and you would benefit from extra support then you deserve to reach out. I know that can be a really really hard thing to do, but trust me, the long term effects can be so worth it.

What you have probably come across, or maybe unfortunately experienced, is the scenario of people trying to compare disorders and trying to tell people that they can’t be suffering from a specific disorder because they’re not struggling enough. Do not listen. Every single persons experience with mental health is different, there are no ‘set’ feelings that you must experience to become worthy of help. Yes, there are criteria that therapists/psychologists use to diagnose, but they are generalised. Symptoms can range so widely, not everyone follows a book layout of symptoms. It’s just not realistic! If you’re unhappy then that’s more than enough reason to get help. If you think about all the different categories of OCD. Does a person with contamination OCD deserve more help than a person with counting specific OCD? No, of course not. Both individuals would be suffering, so both individuals deserve help. It’s like that with any mental health disorder, people’s symptoms and personal experiences are so diverse that they should never be compared. It’s not right.

You are important.

You are worthy.                                   

You are awesome. 

Never tell yourself anything different! Help is available. I know sometimes it’s a really difficult and a lengthy process to get professional help, so I’ve put together a list of online support groups, helplines and charities that may help in the meantime.


Samaritans Helpline – 0845 790 9090 (24 hours)

SANE Helpline – 0845 767 8000 (6pm – 11pm)

Childline – 0800 1111 (24 hours)

OCDAction Helpline – 0845 390 6232 (Weekdays 9:30pm – 5pm)


Mind Charity –

OCDYouth –

Rethink Mental Illness –

YoungMinds –

Time To Change –


Support Forums/Groups:

OCD-UK Forums –

Sane Forums –

PsychCentral Forums –

Reachout Forums –

Hope this helped!

-Ellen x

4 thoughts on ““I’m Not Worthy…”

  1. What an inspiring and hopefully helpful post you just published here on your blog, Ellen! You must be an extremely sensitive and empathetic young woman!

    But I can’t say I’m surprised, because I read about you last January at anoher blog called “Imperfect Cognitions”. See: . (That’s why I decided to follow your blog too, Ellen, although I myself don’t have problems with OCD.)

    Let me quote from that blog: “[W]e are delighted to host Ellen White who was recently awarded the 2014 Mind Media Award as Top Blogger. In her influential and inspirational blog, Ellen writes about the positive and negative effects of OCD and depression on her life, and challenges public attitudes towards mental illness.”

    Need I say more? 🙂


  2. You are so right Ellen, compared to others having it worse, it might feel that we don’t deserve professional help, yeah not even electronics, fancy clothes and every other thing our life is surrounded with. I’ve also thought that it is better if the healthcare people spend their time helping people in greater trouble, and that I will be able to take care of myself. If we keep thinking this way we might even think it’s morally wrong to eat ourselves sated when there is so many people starving in the world!

    Of course everyone deserves help! If you are not enjoying yourself you deserve help no matter how little it objectively may seem, because if it’s a big deal for you, it actually matter!

    Good luck with keep fighting OCD Ellen, I’ve been really inspired by reading your blog 🙂


  3. Its a good thing you have a diagnosis and it looks to be you are fighting ocd. You would do great in future.. I am OCD too and i know it can seriously effect your life. I look forward to following ur blog regularly

    Liked by 1 person

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