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Ritualise | YouTube Video

Hello! Today’s post is a YouTube video called ‘Ritualise’. What I hope to get across within this video is the power intrusive thoughts can have over us. No matter what we do e.g go to school, eat, anything really, intrusive thoughts will always seem to find a way to try and gain power. Of course, it’s up to us what power we give to these thoughts, however in this video I wanted to highlight times when it’s too hard to deflect and not give power to the thoughts (which can be all too often sometimes) I also wanted to highlight the fact that intrusive thoughts don’t always just disappear, we may combat them one day, but the next they can all too easily arise again. This is shown through the use of the words on my arm at the beginning. Throughout the video, I do manage to frustratingly scrub them off, however by the end of the video – a new day – they have reappeared on my arms as if they never went away and so the process starts all over again. As always, my video’s are often a little bit abstract, but I hope the message still gets across okay. This was created as part of my Art GCSE, so I figured that since this exam is over now, I can (hopefully) upload this without any issues…**I edited this in school as part of my GCSE**

Also I’m really sorry about the aspect ratio of this video, it was the only copy that I had.

Hope you enjoy!

Ellen x

8 thoughts on “Ritualise | YouTube Video

  1. I have OCD and this is SOOO realistic! Your video shows how bad these thoughts TORTURE US overandoverANDOVERAGAIN! Now I’m an OCD Behavioral therapist and of course I can feel the pain we all go through day after day until we find treatment that works. Mine worked (Exposure-and-Response-Prevention) and I’m teaching it to everyone!


  2. Hi guys!
    I’ve just started a blog about my personal journey with OCD/PTSD/Depression, and overcoming it through exposure therapy and faith. Please feel free to have a read, and share it to anyone who it might be helpful to, or whoever you think might enjoy it.

    I’ve never done anything like this before, so lots of support would mean the world to me. Thanks!
    Happy healing, OCD fighters!



  3. Dear Ellen,

    I just wanted to let you know that I think you are wise beyond your years. I started struggling with OCD when I was about your age and I wish I had the maturity and openness about it that you possess. Stay strong and fight for your freedom from this disorder every day. Best wishes.


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