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If Your OCD Was A Person, What Would You Say? #OCDWeek

**Censored language within this post. I didn’t want to alter anyone’s quotes so as to make this as honest as possible for OCD Week. So just giving you all a heads up, because I want this to be an E friendly site as much as possible. :)**

OCD is a sneaky thing. It can often tangle us up, making us believe that we are nothing more than it’s scheming ways. What I tend to reiterate throughout my blog, is our OCD should never define us. As individuals, we have far superior qualities than OCD could ever have. It’s acknowledging that we still have these qualities and that they were never lost, just hidden from our view when OCD has a strong grip on our lives, that can be tricky. What I’ve come to discover is that it can be helpful to try and physically separate who we really are, from the OCD. One way of doing this is to envisage OCD as a physical being, maybe a anonymous person or an animal. The possibilities for this are really endless. It’s whatever feels right for you. Everyone’s struggle is individual, so it makes sense that everyone’s physical representation of their OCD would be too!

Now I’m sure if we were actually confronted with our OCD in physical form, we would have quite a lot to say to them. So I wanted to capture that thought and so opened it up to other OCD sufferers and see what you would say if you were confronted with your OCD. Here are your responses;

Well played, but I’m not going to listen to you today. I’m going to do it anyway. -MyOCDVoice

If OCD was a person, I would like to say to him/her that I am very tired and I would love them to leave me alone for a bit, really forever. (I sit here feeling ever so polite with even my worst enemy) You have robbed me of enjoying the people that I love most, you lie and tell me to do things so I feel better and yet when I obey you, I feel worse than ever. You are not good for me. – Krystal

I would say, “Stop it. I’m the boss!” -Shanna

‘Let me go’, is what I would say. -Cathy

If my OCD was a person. “Hey dude, let’s sit down with a coffee and chat about it”. -Rob

Go away. -Sammi

If you can’t play nicely, you’ll have to leave. -Lisa

Cheerio loser! I win! -Steve

You don’t control me. -Alisha

I’d say nothing and just walk away. -Ime

I would say, “Die parasite! I have the measure of you now. You will leech off me no more!”. -OCPD

I would say to OCD “Go f**k yourself. -TheOCDStories

I’d say “leave me alone and please stop talking b*ll* !” -Anna

Id say hello OCD. You’ve taken my life away, now I’m going to regain it. -Ashley

I’d say this **** off and leave me alone. No one likes you, no one needs you. You ruined my life and I want you gone. -OCDsuffererUK

I wouldn’t say anything to it. I would Kung-fu kick it repeatedly in the head. -Rose

If mt OCD was a person, i’d say, “If you could stop worrying, we could both live happier.” -Kyle

What would you say?


4 thoughts on “If Your OCD Was A Person, What Would You Say? #OCDWeek

  1. I’d probably say something like: “You are almost gone from my life now and it’s amazing how through all the way I felt amazed for the slightest improvement achieved. Now you’re still an annoying, disgusting thing that I want to get rid off, even if there’s almost nothing left of you, and yet it’s amazing how you made me feel like somehow I needed you. I don’t think that anymore and all I want is for you to collect the remaining pieces you put on me and go, go away and never come back. I don’t need you. I don’t want you.”

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  2. This is a great piece Ellen. As for me I’d say: “you’ve tried to destroy me. You try to ruin every bit of joy in my life, but you won’t win. I’ll fight you every single day for the rest of my life if I have to. So take the message and clear off!!”

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