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Hello! My name is Ellen, I’m 21 and I apologise in advance for my excessive rambling. I have a pesky thing named OCD in my life, so I decided to blog about my experiences with it, hopefully helping people along the way! I believe that we all have the strength and courage to tackle our OCD. Hopefully, this blog will make you feel less alone and that you might be able to relate to some of my experiences too.

Also, if you’ve come across this wondering whether or not you’re worthy of seeking help for whatever you might be struggling with right now…you are worthy enough. You will always be worthy of help and support regardless of the circumstance. Please reach out if you’re in need.

Hope you enjoy my ramblings and take care!

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf”.

I’m the winner of the Mark Hanson Blogger Mind Media Award!

Mind Media Awards 2014 YouTube video – http://youtu.be/Kld4ZIIQEdM

A book I have writing published in – Dear Stranger 

I also have a few articles across the web, listed below:

The Guardian – http://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/jan/07/ellen-white-ocd-can-become-a-household-joke

OCDYouth – http://school.ocdaction.org.uk/articles/we-are-more-than-just-ocd/

Metro – http://metro.co.uk/2014/12/11/why-should-i-be-scared-to-speak-out-about-my-ocd-4976362/

Imperfect Cognitions – http://imperfectcognitions.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/ellen-white-on-ocd.html

30 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Ellen, I read and enjoyed several of your posts before I realized that you are 14 years old. Honestly, your wisdom is ageless. My son (who is the member of our family who has OCD) is also 14. It is a pleasure to read the words of someone his age who is strong in her quest to beat her OCD. Keep on going! And keep on sharing. – Angie

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    1. Aw, thank you so much! It really means a lot to me, and I hope your sons doing okay too! This has made me really smile, thank you so, so much. 🙂 x


  2. Hi Ellen,

    I’ve read a few of your posts. They are very interesting. I think people will find it difficult to understand your OCD, but as I was reading about it I wanted to understand more. I think we are all obsessive and compulsive in our behaviour in many ways. OCD appears to be an exaggeration of ‘normal’ behaviour. I was ill and in pain for many years. I didn’t give up. I’m still not well, but not much pain now. Life is so much better.

    The only advice I can give, is to think of yourself not as someone who has OCD; but as a writer who happens to have OCD problems. OCD appears to give you some control over your life, there are other ways to have even more control over your own life without the negative effects.

    Good luck with your studies and your life. 🙂

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    1. Hi Mike,

      Thank you for your comment and I agree, people will probably find it difficult to understand my OCD but I suppose the only person who can truly understand is the sufferer themselves. I’m really glad you found my posts interesting! My OCD does give me control in a way, but as you said there are other ways you can have control without the negative effects.

      I’m really glad you’re feeling better now and thank you for the words if encouragement! : )


  3. remember to keep your optimistic mindset about being able to defeat ocd. there are many sufferers, as well as psychologists who will tell you, vehemently, otherwise. i am someone who has conquered ocd after a decade of suffering. the being with ocd seems to be the being on the threshold, caught between reason and understanding. much of the process i used to cross that threshold is written out on my blog; you’re invited to read it.


  4. Hi, I’m Emily. I’m a senior in high school and I have a project on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in my psychology class. I was wondering if you would be willing to help out and answer a few questions for me. I would really appreciate it!


  5. One of the most useful blogs I have ever found myself upon! As I have never been properly diagnosed with OCD (I have never given myself the opportunity) I found it extremely useful to find out a little more about OCD in general and what I could possibly do to help myself. It is truly great what you are doing, I think your blog will continue to help many, please keep up your fabulous work! 🙂

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    1. Ah thank you! I’m so glad that you’re able to find my blog helpful. It’s what really means a lot when people say this. I hope you’re able to get the deserved help you need for tackling your OCD! 🙂


  6. Hi Ellen, Have just found your blog.Am sure you will help a lot of others by sharing your story. I had OCD as a teen and young adult and the burden was so heavy to bear (and hide). Decades later I wrote about it on my blog (http://mahoganysoup.com/a-faustian-pact-my-ocd-hell/) and I found that cathartic and healing. OCD blighted my childhood no doubt but it has left me with a fantastic account (one of my rituals was to write up my dairy every night or I would die…) that I can enjoy and raid now for my writing. Best of luck and well done for taking on your OCD.


  7. Hallo Ellen, stumbled across your site.
    I have also OCD!

    I am Dutch and like you fighting the good fight every day. A good sense of humor helps.

    This year I will be getting 60 and I have OCD since I was about 12. However for years I kept silent as much as possible, thinking I must be crazy, for years I wasn’t diagnosed. Found that out myself!

    This comment will be getting to long so I will end with a humurous picture I found on the internet:



  8. Hi Ellen,
    I have found your blog by case; I have ocd and when my thoughts and negative emotions demoralize me, I often search for some tips in order to stop them. Your site seems to be very good I hope that it can help me. Bye 🙂

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  9. So you got the same name as a 19th century author who wrote this, lol 😛

    “The relation that exists between the mind and the body is very intimate. When one is affected, the other sympathizes. The condition of the mind affects the health to a far greater degree than many realize. Many of the diseases from which men suffer are the result of mental depression. Grief, anxiety, discontent, remorse, guilt, distrust, all tend to break down the life forces and to invite decay and death.” Ministry of Healing, p. 241

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