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#MoreThanMyDiagnosis | Breaking Down The Stigma *open!*

So much stigma still surrounds mental illness, but perhaps most devastating is the belief that one’s identity is wrapped up in their mental illness. About 6 months ago I created a video called #behindtheOCD to show that people are more than their OCD diagnosis. Advertisements

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Mental Health Awareness – A Stop Motion | YouTube

Here is my latest YouTube video! It took way longer than expected, stop motion is the lengthiest process in the world. Hope you enjoy! -Ellen

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The Mind Media Awards | An Incredible Night

The Mind Media Awards. A night that I will never forget. To be surrounded by so many inspiring people and to celebrate the flourishing positive media coverage surrounding mental health was phenomenal. Categories ranging from Factual Television, Student Journalist, TV Drama, Blogger and many more. The night started with everyone collecting their name badges and… Continue reading The Mind Media Awards | An Incredible Night

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Campaign | Mental Health on the School Curriculum

“1/4 people will experience some kind of mental health condition in the space of a year”. “1/10 children between the ages of one and fifteen has a mental health disorder”. “This means that about 850,000 children and young people in Great Britain have a mental disorder”. “Yet 75% do not receive the support they are… Continue reading Campaign | Mental Health on the School Curriculum

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#OCDWeek | This is OCD

So a short while ago I asked round Twitter for people to tweet me images that portrayed OCD. Many that were tweeted to me I had never seen before, but they all related to me in some way and I was able to interpret my own thoughts and feelings around them, taking into account different… Continue reading #OCDWeek | This is OCD

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Misconceptions and Stereotypes of OCD | YouTube Video

So, I’ve decided to start branching out with my blogging. I thought maybe why not bring it to YouTube? šŸ™‚ Here’s my first official YouTube video where I talk about the misconceptions and stereotypes of OCD. I hope you enjoy. -Ellen x