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The Little Green Man with the Red Boots

The little green man with the red boots. That voice inside your head that cunningly infects the way you think, insisting you miss that snack, skip that class and do that compulsion just one more time. Just. One. More. Time. JUST. ONE. MORE. TIME… For a long time, I struggled to separate OCD, anorexia etc. from myself. This was particularly evident… Continue reading The Little Green Man with the Red Boots

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Level Up Achieved – Turning 18

Today I turned 18. This is a milestone for me. Not in the regular sense of becoming an adult and thus legally being able to fill my whole room with alcohol, but in the sense that I’ve somehow made it through my teenage years and I’m about to move onto the next stage of my… Continue reading Level Up Achieved – Turning 18

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The DBT Diaries: Pt 1 Introduction

A few months ago, I was introduced to the prospect of a new treatment plan by my therapist. That being DBT. DBT stands for Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and is an intensive treatment programme that consists of weekly individual therapy and group skills coaching, plus phone coaching when needed. One phrase you might hear quite often… Continue reading The DBT Diaries: Pt 1 Introduction

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OCD Extracts | Inside the Mind of OCD

Throughout the first phase of treatment I was asked to keep a journal documenting the thoughts and challenges I encountered regarding my OCD so that we could challenge them in session and debunk the OCD logic. I thought I would share some of these extracts from that journal on here in hopes that it may… Continue reading OCD Extracts | Inside the Mind of OCD

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Will My OCD Ever Go Away?

This is probably a very common question that comes to mind when things are tough. Will there be a cure? Will OCD ever not rule over my life? The answer to this is quite complicated and can go down many paths. In my opinion, do I think that I will ever be ‘cured’? No, but… Continue reading Will My OCD Ever Go Away?

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Tips/Advice For Starting Therapy

Therapy can be a daunting thing. The prospect of “wait I have to tell all my problems and what I’m worrying about to a person I don’t even know!?” can be pretty daunting. Currently I’m in treatment at CAMHS (child and adolescent mental health services) I’ve been there for almost two years and I’ve seen… Continue reading Tips/Advice For Starting Therapy