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Will My OCD Ever Go Away?

This is probably a very common question that comes to mind when things are tough. Will there be a cure? Will OCD ever not rule over my life? The answer to this is quite complicated and can go down many paths. In my opinion, do I think that I will ever be ‘cured’? No, but… Continue reading Will My OCD Ever Go Away?

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Tips/Advice For Starting Therapy

Therapy can be a daunting thing. The prospect of “wait I have to tell all my problems and what I’m worrying about to a person I don’t even know!?” can be pretty daunting. Currently I’m in treatment at CAMHS (child and adolescent mental health services) I’ve been there for almost two years and I’ve seen… Continue reading Tips/Advice For Starting Therapy

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Thoughts, Feelings, Behaviours – The Cognitive Triangle

This is a concept that you will probably become very familiar with if you undergo CBT. It can help to explain why we have certain thoughts, why we perform certain behaviours and how they can make us feel. Now I’m no psychologist (yet : P), but I’ll try to explain this concept in the most… Continue reading Thoughts, Feelings, Behaviours – The Cognitive Triangle

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Changing/Transferring Psychologists

I’ve finally gotten round to writing this post after promising to write it back in October…I’m a bit slow on the uptake I know, but it’s finally here. How to cope and what it’s like when you have to change psychologists. This is a really scary prospect that can be very difficult to go through… Continue reading Changing/Transferring Psychologists

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Controlling thoughts – Easier said than done!

Thoughts can be like a runaway train. Running round and round in your head seeming like there’s no end, contaminating your mind, your feelings…I could imagine there being an auction and this happening – ‘Who wants a new mind!?’ Me standing at the back *slowly raises hand* Ah, what am I going on about! That… Continue reading Controlling thoughts – Easier said than done!

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My OCD Jenga

So I was wondering what to talk about today, then I remembered something that my previous psychologist had said to me in one of our last sessions together. She mentioned my OCD journey being somewhat like a Jenga tower. In the sense that my OCD has so many layers and when they’re all fully in… Continue reading My OCD Jenga