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OCD Action Conference Speech

Hello! Who is this stranger blogging again…As some of you may have noticed, I’ve been rather absent from this blog over the past 6 weeks or so. The reason for this was purely just my GCSE exams. However after tomorrow, at 10am, I will be done! Whoop woop! 25 exams complete. So I figured a… Continue reading OCD Action Conference Speech

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Ritualise | YouTube Video

Hello! Today’s post is a YouTube video called ‘Ritualise’. What I hope to get across within this video is the power intrusive thoughts can have over us. No matter what we do e.g go to school, eat, anything really, intrusive thoughts will always seem to find a way to try and gain power. Of course,… Continue reading Ritualise | YouTube Video

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#MoreThanMyDiagnosis | Breaking Down The Stigma *open!*

So much stigma still surrounds mental illness, but perhaps most devastating is the belief that one’s identity is wrapped up in their mental illness. About 6 months ago I created a video called #behindtheOCD to show that people are more than their OCD diagnosis.

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OCD – An Abstract

Hey everyone. This video is just something I created really in the spur of the moment. I really wanted to try and capture how OCD feels, to me. So I guess I just took my camera, started filming! This piece may not be fully understood by everyone, but that’s okay. The only person who can… Continue reading OCD – An Abstract

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Misconceptions and Stereotypes of OCD | YouTube Video

So, I’ve decided to start branching out with my blogging. I thought maybe why not bring it to YouTube? šŸ™‚ Here’s my first official YouTube video where I talk about the misconceptions and stereotypes of OCD. I hope you enjoy. -Ellen x

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#BehindtheOCD Video!

Thank you so much for all the help! This video could not have been created without you all! Hopefully this’ll help raise awareness about OCD and reduce stigma.
Thank you all one again.