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Cheering Yourself Up

Cheering Yourself Up

As social beings, we are constantly met with situations that get us out of our game, lowers the joy radar, we tend to search for external means of being happy when the answer might be as simple as ourselves. Lots of comical people out there to get you in the right mood to take on anything, but you have to start by with the man in the mirror. Depending on how long you have been feeling sad, down, upset, that is where you need to start working on.

Look into your eyes in the

Look into your eyes in the mirror and reflect on what has brought you to that point of needing extra help to cheer you up. Take a deep breath, smile to yourself, put down that laptop, or walk away from your work desk and simply take a break. Walk outside and just look at the surroundings, if you have a view, take a moment to just let the scenery sink in. In case that is not possible, then it could be time to have a walk around the neighborhood. If you happen to own a pet, most probably a dog, bring them along for the walk. Dogs feel their owner’s sadness, and they jump around to try to make you happy again.

Cheering Yourself Up

In case the outdoors doesn’t sound like a great idea, run a bath, toss in your best bath bombs, throw some petals, then just soak in it. Close your eyes, relax, some can have a glass of wine, orange juice, with some nice playlist soothing the sadness away in the background. If music has a huge impact on your mood, crank up those speakers and dance like there is no tomorrow. Don’t worry about the moves, it’s not a dance competition, shake it up to get the bad vibes out. Shout the lyrics out, and if it gets to a point when emotions overwhelm you, cry it out, let out the waterworks. If you are in your space, there will be no judgment.

Call up some of your friends, it could be just one person or many, open up to them about your feelings, about what you need at that particular moment. They could even come over and dance along to the music, cuddle on the couch, or hug so tight that everything fades. Make memories with your friends by taking new photographs, or by laughing while looking at embarrassing old pictures, the snaps that remind a person of just how far they have come. Rent out or stream a comedy movie to watch by yourself or with friends, do not hold back your laughter. Laugh as loud as possible with a person with a good sense of humor. It could be at home, at a restaurant, or at a spontaneous spot that none of you would have thought of trying.

If a person is a writer, then they do not need to look too far. Grab a pen and paper, pour out your feelings through words, it could be a love letter to yourself, showing kindness by acknowledging the achievements made or that are in progress. Do not forget that the power to be happy lies within your soul.