Dealing Depression with

Depression and the battle to cure it

Depression and the battle to cure it

A reduced sense of living, thinking and behavior is referred to as being in a depressed state. It is characterized by a saddened look or down-trodden attitude. Depression is accompanied by sudden loss of interest in anything at all, all urges to do anything drops by a large percentage. When someone gets excited, they are propelled to perform activities faster, smoother and with more ease than average people. Drug addicts that ingest hyperactive drugs tend to perform tasks with no regard for fatigue and with more excitement. Even though the excitement is artificial, they can develop interest in the littlest thing, depressed people feel the opposite.

There are different causes of depression

There are different causes of depression but the major cause is disappointment faced by an individual from another individual, scenario or an event. Disappointment occurs when something that is expected fails to occur, leading to excess pressure. On failure to achieve something, your body generally goes into a state of depression. Once a spouse in a marriage or a significant other fails to live up to expectations, disappointment occurs leading to depression. When a society that is meant to accept you for who you are rejects you, depression develops due to disappointment.

Depression and the battle to cure it

Depression has no known advantage because it leads to devastating events when not cured or subdued. The devastating side effect of depression is death, which is mostly due to suicide. When left in a state of depression for too long, the depressed person begins to feel suicide is key. In that state, when solutions to compounded problems do not come fast or as much as needed, death is seen as the best option. When it is a health condition, you are naturally supposed but due to illness, you do not feel normal. In this case, a person could feel like ending it all is the key to feeling no pain.

However, once you die, there is none left to solve these problems as they are usually passed on to another person. Death seems like the best way to run away from problems, this is what depression makes people think. Asides death, it affects your general health, like mental issues due to overthinking. Once anxiety mixes with depression, humans begin to worry and think too much, which takes its toll on general health. The physical look of the human changes, making them look older.

The reason why it is hard to overcome depression is because of unending expectations. Depression goes as deep as how high the expectation is and the ability of the saddened person to achieve that expectation. If it is concerned with health, when all efforts to restore yourself back to full health fails, depression increases. In a state of depression, doing what is meant to be done gets delayed due to low interest. As the person is less interested in reaching expectations, the saddened position continues to grow. It definitely reduced the ability of the depressed to be less depressed, increasing the situation while worsening it. Researchers claim that attacking of depression at its early onset reduces the risk of its growth and side effects.