Dealing Depression with

Depression is a choice, happiness is too

Depression is a choice, happiness is too

Depression can be said to be a state of when a mind is cast ed into altered emotions or downtrodden–for a while. Most Homo sapiens find themselves in depression, not by their will, but certain unforeseen factors. An example can be a death of a beloved relative we might have had unforgettable memories with. We never saw that coming, it just happened, and this can make a person go into depression for a period of time depending on how fast that individual comes out or recovers from it.

Since depression dwells in the subconsciousness

Since depression dwells in the subconsciousness of a mind, it is, then a choice whether to be depressed or not. The mind is where reasoning, emotions, actions and reactions emanates from, depression sets in the mind reason being that it functions as an abstract feeling. Psychology makes us understand that decisions are made primarily in the mind, so depression is then a choice. If depression is to set in, the mind has the full capacity either to accept or reject it immediately. Depression can come from failures caused by challenges we find in our daily lives.

Challenges are bound to happen, it's

Challenges are bound to happen, it’s part of life; failure is part of the ways to success. If any man gets depressed because of certain failures or setbacks they experience, it is considered his or her choice. Depression is a customary malady globally and a record of over 260 million individuals have been influenced by it. Depression, if nutured can lead to serious health challenges and cause major health complications. The mind itself consists mainly of the heart and the intellectual tool.

Depression is a choice, happiness is too

Signals are passed from the heart to the sense tool through sensory nerves and facilitated by actions, these happen within a twinkle of an eye. Now, the brain and a pivotal time in handling depression because it is aware of the impact of depression on its abilities. The brain then chooses to accept or reject it; this still happens within a twinkle of an eye.

The heart is directly connected to the brain, immediately depression is present, the heart begins to act according to what the heart passes accross to it. Handling depression is one thing to do. Remember in the second paragraph, we said if depression is not handled in time, it could result into serious health conditions. Weariness accompanied by weakness is part of the effects of depression, when depression sets in, the mind is weak and unable to carry out its functions well. The human body is like an automobile-the brain being the steering. The brain notices the master is down and decides to act according to what it sees. The first way in handling depression is to know the cause of it.

A breadwinner just sacked from his place of work can face depression easily because the load of the family is on him to take care of, he begins to ponder and brood over the situation, then depression comes in which leads to his fluctuation in abilities at home. He can begin to nag at the wife due to anger, sob at night times and feel weak. We know here that the major cause of his depression is his lack of job, he then looks into it and finds a way out of it by either looking for another paid employment or, becomes self-employed by creating a job for himself by his inbuilt skills. By that, he acquires a new source of income and somehow, comes out of that state of depression.

Another way of coming out of depression is by talking to another about it. Keeping it to yourself will not only damage your mental health, but will cause serious health issues to you. Talking to a person about it is like easing you off the burdens and relieves you from it. Explaining the situation to another about the situation explaining why you are depressed would make out possible soultions to it. Remember, a problem shared is half solved, remaining silent would worsen the situation also causes it to wax stronger as the time goes by. Finally, a more sure way of coming out of depression is to forget about the reason you are depressed. In this, you can get songs to fill your soul and purify it off your worries, music is a method of healing.