Does the Law of Attraction Work

Does the Law of Attraction Work

Science illustrates the laws of attraction in line with how magnetic fields work. According to it, unlike poles attract and like poles repel. However, there is a general law of attraction that applies to human lives as well. This general law implies that an individual’s energy is likely to draw them to whoever they are supposed to be with, in life. The law not only applies to relationships and finding a life partner but applies to all things you want to acquire.

The logic of the law of attraction is that whatever your thought process is, it will end up drawing you to what you think about. This same rule is used in several religions to instill positive attitudes in believers. Whether this rule applies to life and if the law connotes to what a person wants has no definite proof. Christians call it faith and believe that if you think about what you want, by believing you have it, you would acquire it. certain individuals have attested to it working for them, but the real proof that they acquired those things based on what they thought and believed cannot be proven.

Some spiritual believers claim the law

To think of good things and believe that you may acquire them might be a good way of having a positive spirit, but that might not necessarily grant them to you. Another way of reasoning it, is how it propels them to work harder towards the things they wish to have. Because you have a positive attitude towards achieving something, working towards them becomes easier, and this is one way the law works. A negative aspect to it is how some believers of the law of attraction, might simply think positively without working on achieving them.

Some spiritual believers claim the law works and is either improving the lives of people or destroying it. They have illustrated their beliefs in several ways, including books and seminars, telling people about the importance of using the law to their advantage. Other scholars have called it completely false, claiming it is used as a tool of manipulation to pry on the emotions of people. Whichever one of these is right, is not provable as well.

Does the Law of Attraction Work

Linking the law to the one used by science to explain magnetic fields does not align. Whereas science says opposite poles attract, the law of attraction used in our day-to-day lives insists what you think is what is attracted. This means in the context that, like situations attract, thinking of what you want, will bring the same thing to you. Believing in the law of attraction should be a personal decision. There is no scientific explanation, whether it is true or not. Studies have shown that people who take it seriously and live by it, are more elated than people who don’t.

Deciding if it will work will all depend on the attitude that is placed on working hard to achieve what is wanted. There is no clear proof that insists that this law works all the time or doesn’t.