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How is someone’s mental health assessed?

It all depends on what the issues are and what the diagnosis might be, and It also depends on what other health conditions the person has. So, for example, my friend who had severe autism and intellectual disability and started talking about hearing voices, he was already living in a residential facility for severely disabled children. It was just a matter of having one of the psychiatrists on staff sit down and talk with his counselors and therapists and his family, after interviewing him. Such kids are at high risk for severe mental illness as teens so it was a ‘well worn path. Meaning staff was already pretty familiar with the problem after several years and many kids.

A man once had many problems

A man once had many problems for years, especially in the army, it really looked like he had a severe mental illness. He was already going to the VA (Veteran’s Administration, which takes care of health of army veterans). So, he just wound up going to a series of additional appointments at the same VA office, when someone has a mental illness, they say, they need help, and make an appointment right away. When they call up their health insurance, the insurance people say, “Wonderful. Just let us know and we’ll cover EVERYTHING! Don’t worry about what it costs, we’ll take care of it. Whatever medication you need, whatever therapy the doc says, any tests, sound good? Great!” The person goes to a psychiatrist who says.

How is someone's mental health assessed?

“Well, get an MRI, to be sure you don’t have any worrisome stuff going on with your brain, then we’ll have the psychologist in the practice do a complete set of psychological tests. Our on staff clinical neuropsychologist will evaluate you for any head trauma or seizure disorders, among other things. If you have any existing medical issues, or if some of your symptoms are possibly coming from a physical/medical issue, you can see our nurse practitioner or our doctor.

And we’ll set up a series of visits with me so, we’ll meet for a few weeks, talk, and see how you’re doing. A counsellor is available, you’ll be meeting with her, she’s great and there is a social worker who you can meet with if you need any housing or other similar services. An outreach worker will be send to meet with your family weekly and help educate them on how they can be of help to you. If you do need medication, there is a eight week long medication management class, we meet twice a week, on evenings and weekends, to teach you about your medication and how to get the best results.

There is a nutritionist on staff who specializes in nutritional interventions for symptoms, there is a cognitive remedial therapy specialist on staff too. You’ll love that, it’s showing incredible results. With 24/7 emergency service and if you do need a hospital visit, plus there is a onsite gym and private trainer to help you stay fit and healthy physically. And ALL these services are under one roof, right near your home, right in the community. Welcome aboard!”