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Mental health, suicide

Mental health, suicide

Mental illness has become a developing case all over the world with several people being at high risk of being victims. When someone has mental health he has high level of self-esteem and looks at the positive side of life. The person can produce high quality of work since he is enthusiastic about what he is doing you also enjoy challenges and take pleasure in accomplishing thing by coming up with creative and innovative ways of solving obstacles. An individual will have a stable relationship with others by being social and help where he can because he has the heart of care and compassion.

A person who is mentally health

A person who is mentally health will positively contribute to the society by making it a better place to live in. They will engage themselves in guiding, nurturing and mentoring others to be as good as them, they will also engage themselves in social work. Individuals tend to have the capacity to recognise alternative view point even in matters that stirs up strong feelings this is because they have high level of emotional intelligence. They make sure that they have a good relationship with everyone including their spouse and try all they can to avoid words that can provoke someone’s feelings. Since they have a social nature, they tend to be energetic and outgoing to meet new people and travel to new places to kill their spirit of adventure. Through this they can form close and lasting friendship characterised by mutual support and sharing of experiences.

The mental health of an individual

The mental health of an individual is about enhancing competencies of an individual and enable them achieve their determined goals. For you to be mentally healthy you need to eat and sleep well so that your mind can relax and grow well. You have to stay positive in every situation and have a calm mind in solving issues affecting your daily life. If you find that it is beyond your power to control it ask for help from a friend or anybody you trust. Sharing your problems means that you care about yourself and allows you to view things through a different perspective. Helping makes you be responsible and productive as you are not only making other people happy by yourself too. Through this you interact with other people listen to their stories and appreciate different personalities.

Mental health, suicide

However, with the current global crisis it is hard to find a person who is mental fit since different individuals face unique challenges in their life. Some of these problems are simple while others are complex and can be beyond their power if they do not seek an amicable solution from someone close or professional aid. There are various causes of mental illness for instance, a person’s life experience can impact negatively to his mental well-being. If you have a traumatic event like death of a loved one, war or physical abuse it will forever remain a physical and psychological scar in you which cannot be erased from your mind. Biological element whereby there is a history of one of your relative who suffered from mental illness can make you to experience the same since it is the gene.

Social economic issues like high living standards, loss of job, political instability can make you stressed up because you will not be able to fend for your family and yourself making everything to be difficult. There are various signs that will show that an individual is suffering from mental illness. They include, when someone has social distance with people and wants to be alone most of the time this is a show of distress. A person will be observed talking to himself and saying negative or irrelevant things if given a chance to talk. They will tend to have low self-esteem and will loss interest in what they loved doing when they were normal and happy. This can lead to suicide attempt because they do not like to share their problems and keep it to themselves.

The best way to solve this is by seeking help from a professional who will guide and counsel you after carefully knowing the root cause of the problem. Families and friends should help a person who is depressed by talking and encouraging them and share good old memories to keep them smiling. Eating a well balanced diet and avoiding junk foods, drugs and alcohol can mitigate the rate of suicide attempts.