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Making the ‘Invisible’, Visible

“We should focus on reducing the fear and prejudice and replace them with acceptance, tolerance and inclusion.” -Bernice Pescosolido Mental illness. An often covert battle. Masked in layers of “I’m okay” and “I’m just tired”. A battle that is constant, fuelled by the fear of judgement and belittlement. Destroying every positive thought we have and infecting… Continue reading Making the ‘Invisible’, Visible

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#TalkOCD Tweet Chat Tonight! Join The Conversation #OCDWeek

Tonight from 7pm-8pm UK time (so almost exactly an hour from now) I’ll be hosting a live tweet chat for OCD Awareness week, underthe  hashtag #TalkOCD. We’ll be including topics such as; What OCDWeek means to you. The stereotypes and how OCD differs from these. Workplace/school experiences. An aspect you wish people were more educated… Continue reading #TalkOCD Tweet Chat Tonight! Join The Conversation #OCDWeek

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A post a day for #OCDAwarenessWeek

This week, (the 11th to the 17th of October 2015) is OCD Awareness Week. A pivotal time in the calendar for those of us who advocate for OCD awareness and also OCD sufferers too. A disorder which is all too often misused and made a mockery of, is given a much needed boost into the… Continue reading A post a day for #OCDAwarenessWeek


“That doesn’t make sense! Their OCD can’t be real.”

I frequently see an arguments under YouTube videos or blog posts where someone makes a statement trying to argue that, clearly this person can’t have OCD because it doesn’t make sense to them. Let’s just stop right there and let me say this…OCD is fuelled by irrational fears. It is called Obsessive Conpulsive Disorder for… Continue reading “That doesn’t make sense! Their OCD can’t be real.”

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Dealing With Intrusive Thoughts

Intrusive damn thoughts. What I would do to live without them. Intrusive thoughts are automatic, anxiety provoking thoughts that often take the front line of many mental health disorders. They can sometimes occur out of the blue or from a triggering situation. They initially come as just a thought, like how any other thought would enter our mind, but it’s how we end up perceiving it that changes it to an intrusive thought.

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Labels – Don’t Let Them Define You

I find that nowadays people can get labelled with a mental illness, rather than just being diagnosed. Now this may seem confusing, you would think that they’re the same thing, but I disagree. Being labelled with a mental illness – You are OCD. Being diagnosed with a mental illness – You have OCD. Those two phrases  are… Continue reading Labels – Don’t Let Them Define You