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Labels – Don’t Let Them Define You

I find that nowadays people can get labelled with a mental illness, rather than just being diagnosed. Now this may seem confusing, you would think that they’re the same thing, but I disagree. Being labelled with a mental illness – You are OCD. Being diagnosed with a mental illness – You have OCD. Those two phrases  are… Continue reading Labels – Don’t Let Them Define You

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I’m ready.

Hearing this news in therapy last year would’ve crushed me, but right now I’m taking this news and letting it light a fire inside of me. I feel like I have the strength to cope with life by myself for an extended period of time. I have the knowledge to combat the thoughts. My therapist… Continue reading I’m ready.


A Masked Illness

Mental illness is something that many of us struggle with. It can often be stereotyped and stigmatised to the point where people are ashamed to admit that they are struggling. This is not how it should be, we shouldn’t feel like we need to hide away from society, but this is the reality right now.… Continue reading A Masked Illness

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Changing/Transferring Psychologists

I’ve finally gotten round to writing this post after promising to write it back in October…I’m a bit slow on the uptake I know, but it’s finally here. How to cope and what it’s like when you have to change psychologists. This is a really scary prospect that can be very difficult to go through… Continue reading Changing/Transferring Psychologists