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Live Life Imperfectly – Perfectionism & OCD

This phrase was brought to my attention today during a conversation with the awesome Jessica and it really resonated with me, especially given a few things that have been going on in my life recently. Perfectionism can be one of the core influences with regards to OCD, driving compulsions and certain beliefs about ourselves.  I’ve… Continue reading Live Life Imperfectly – Perfectionism & OCD

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5 Ways To Support Someone With OCD

OCD from an outsider’s perspective can definitely be tricky to understand, even at the best of times. Heck, even my OCD baffles me at times and I live with it 24/7. Watching someone you love and care about go through something so distressing, that most of the time you probably can’t even see (e.g. intrusive… Continue reading 5 Ways To Support Someone With OCD

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Goals. A positive concept right?  Absolutely, but they must not be rash. Setting goals can be extremely beneficial. They can often act as a motivation or add increased meaning to something you would like to achieve. They can help you work towards an increased mentally healthy life, however, the key is to make goals that are SMART. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and… Continue reading SMART Goals

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If Your OCD Was A Person, What Would You Say? #OCDWeek

**Censored language within this post. I didn’t want to alter anyone’s quotes so as to make this as honest as possible for OCD Week. So just giving you all a heads up, because I want this to be an E friendly site as much as possible. :)** OCD is a sneaky thing. It can often… Continue reading If Your OCD Was A Person, What Would You Say? #OCDWeek


Overcoming OCD: A Journey To Recovery – Book Review

A little while ago, I was very kindly contacted by Janet Singer from OCDTalk to review her newly published book “Overcoming OCD: A Journey To Recovery” featuring Seth J. Gillihan. I of course, immediately said yes, as Janet has been such a wonderful supporter of my blog since the very beginning and I was eager to support her… Continue reading Overcoming OCD: A Journey To Recovery – Book Review

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My OCD Jenga

So I was wondering what to talk about today, then I remembered something that my previous psychologist had said to me in one of our last sessions together. She mentioned my OCD journey being somewhat like a Jenga tower. In the sense that my OCD has so many layers and when they’re all fully in… Continue reading My OCD Jenga