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Finding the ‘Right’ Words #WorldMentalHealthDay

“Just tell someone how you feel“…maybe easier said than done. …sometimes, finding the words to say how you feel is tricky. What if you don’t know how you feel? What if you don’t understand how you feel? What if you feel nothing? I think there’s a misconception that you need to understand and be able… Continue reading Finding the ‘Right’ Words #WorldMentalHealthDay

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Tackling the OCD Logic

A few days ago, I was met with a situation that immediately spiked my OCD and irrational thoughts. However, I ended up being one step ahead of my OCD and defeated its logic, which was something I was very surprised at. In a nutshell, I couldn’t attend a therapy appointment because my psychologist was unwell.… Continue reading Tackling the OCD Logic

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How to Stay Consistent With OCD Exposures

As many of you know, OCD can be a very manipulative, shape-shifting disorder and so keeping on top of exposures can become quite a tedious and tricky matter. Over the years I’ve found that if I’m not consistent with exposures and challenging the irrational beliefs, my OCD can quickly resurface and start to dominate my… Continue reading How to Stay Consistent With OCD Exposures

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Ritualise | YouTube Video

Hello! Today’s post is a YouTube video called ‘Ritualise’. What I hope to get across within this video is the power intrusive thoughts can have over us. No matter what we do e.g go to school, eat, anything really, intrusive thoughts will always seem to find a way to try and gain power. Of course,… Continue reading Ritualise | YouTube Video

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Dealing With Intrusive Thoughts

Intrusive damn thoughts. What I would do to live without them. Intrusive thoughts are automatic, anxiety provoking thoughts that often take the front line of many mental health disorders. They can sometimes occur out of the blue or from a triggering situation. They initially come as just a thought, like how any other thought would enter our mind, but it’s how we end up perceiving it that changes it to an intrusive thought.

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Just a little update

Hey everyone, sorry for not posting in a little while. As you’ve probably heard from most 15-16 year olds, I have exams. Yippee!… My first exam is on Friday and it’s GCSE history paper 1. Got the causes of WW1, League of Nations, Treaty of Versailles and Hitlers foreign policy embedded into my brain! And… Continue reading Just a little update