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Think you know? – #thatsOCD

Think OCD’s all about ‘being neat’ and ‘cleaning and tidying?’ Take a read of the #thatsOCD hashtag on Twitter and find out what it’s really like. So, as I’ve mentioned a few times on this blog OCD is a very misunderstood subject. The words ‘I’m so OCD!’ gets thrown around on a daily basis and… Continue reading Think you know? – #thatsOCD

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My OCD Jenga

So I was wondering what to talk about today, then I remembered something that my previous psychologist had said to me in one of our last sessions together. She mentioned my OCD journey being somewhat like a Jenga tower. In the sense that my OCD has so many layers and when they’re all fully in… Continue reading My OCD Jenga

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My article for the OCDatschool website!

My article for the OCDatschool website! My article for the OCDatschool website has been published! It would mean a lot if you could check it out. 🙂

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Hello, well this blog is aimed to help people with OCD and also to share my experiences with it. For me and I know many other people OCD is very misunderstood so I hope to be able to clear some of the rumors up. I hope to share some experiences on CBT so that people… Continue reading Hi!