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A Ticking Time Bomb | Personal Update

If I was posed the question – ‘Ellen, how would you describe yourself?‘ I would say a ticking time bomb. Emotional regulation is something I really struggle with. The roller coaster of different emotions I go through each day is exhausting and it can be really hard to predict how each day is going to… Continue reading A Ticking Time Bomb | Personal Update

Coping Day to Day · OCD · Personal

My OCD Toolbox

Over the years that I’ve struggled with OCD, I’ve come to create some sort of metaphorical OCD toolbox that I delve into when I’m struggling. It’s like a little pocket in my brain where I store all the things that I’ve learnt over time to be useful when tackling my OCD. For example; distraction techniques,… Continue reading My OCD Toolbox

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Dear 14 Year Old Self #OCDWeek

Dear 14 year old self, You’re about to start therapy. Something you’re not too sure about just yet, but trust me, it’s going to be one of the most valuable experiences you will ever go through. OCD’s being a pain in the ass right? At this point, you don’t really know what makes your OCD… Continue reading Dear 14 Year Old Self #OCDWeek

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Mental Health Awareness – A Stop Motion | YouTube

Here is my latest YouTube video! It took way longer than expected, stop motion is the lengthiest process in the world. Hope you enjoy! -Ellen