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What If?

This phrase lies at the core of OCD. ‘What if.’ Two small words that have such a huge meaning and impact on our lives. My whole life revolves around them, from the smallest things; choosing a glass – ‘What if‘ I chose the wrong glass, ‘What if‘ I’ve caused something bad to happen because of… Continue reading What If?

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Think you know? – #thatsOCD

Think OCD’s all about ‘being neat’ and ‘cleaning and tidying?’ Take a read of the #thatsOCD hashtag on Twitter and find out what it’s really like. So, as I’ve mentioned a few times on this blog OCD is a very misunderstood subject. The words ‘I’m so OCD!’ gets thrown around on a daily basis and… Continue reading Think you know? – #thatsOCD

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My OCD Jenga

So I was wondering what to talk about today, then I remembered something that my previous psychologist had said to me in one of our last sessions together. She mentioned my OCD journey being somewhat like a Jenga tower. In the sense that my OCD has so many layers and when they’re all fully in… Continue reading My OCD Jenga

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My article for the OCDatschool website!

My article for the OCDatschool website! My article for the OCDatschool website has been published! It would mean a lot if you could check it out. 🙂  http://school.ocdaction.org.uk/articles/we-are-more-than-just-ocd/

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What type of OCD do I have?

For me my OCD is very hard to explain. It probably won’t make any sense to people who don’t have OCD and don’t really understand it, which is ok! I will try my best to explain as clearly as possible. So my OCD tends to focus round counting. Lots and lots of counting. For even… Continue reading What type of OCD do I have?

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Hello, well this blog is aimed to help people with OCD and also to share my experiences with it. For me and I know many other people OCD is very misunderstood so I hope to be able to clear some of the rumors up. I hope to share some experiences on CBT so that people… Continue reading Hi!