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The Fear of Failure | Life in a Cardboard Box

A fear of failure is something that many of us struggle with. Especially with the increasing pressure that seems to be coming from schools and universities to get straight A’s or to finish with a first. With all this pressure, it can leave us extremely torn down and feeling as though there’s an expectation for education… Continue reading The Fear of Failure | Life in a Cardboard Box

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A New Chapter

So…where to begin. This blog has been a part of me for the best part of 2 and a half years and within that time, so many things have happened. I’ve had some absolutely incredible experiences and opportunities, but on the flip side, I’ve had some quite awful one’s too that I wish I could… Continue reading A New Chapter

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I’m ready.

Hearing this news in therapy last year would’ve crushed me, but right now I’m taking this news and letting it light a fire inside of me. I feel like I have the strength to cope with life by myself for an extended period of time. I have the knowledge to combat the thoughts. My therapist… Continue reading I’m ready.

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I want to start this post off by saying, you are important. Your life is precious and you are meant to be here. Often our futures can become daunting. The persistent anxiousness of what’s to come, but the future is in fact unwritten. Nothing is set in stone. You have the power to shape your… Continue reading Unwritten