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“Adapt and Overcome”

This is a quote that I really like to use when things get a little tough. My dad was the first person who I’d heard that had brought up this phrase and I really liked it. It actually wasn’t directed at me when I heard it, but I really loved the context he used it in. Continue reading ““Adapt and Overcome””

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ABC’s of OCD

This is completely spontaneous, but I hope you like! Thought I’d add in a quote for each letter for some motivation. : ) A – Anxiety “Every tomorrow has two handles. We can take hold of it with the handle of anxiety or the handle of faith.”

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What The Hell OCD?!

I’m sure we’ve all had this statement in our heads at some point, I definitely have. Those times when OCD suddenly comes up with a new fear or compulsion and you’re just like ‘What!? Why?! No!? For example I can’t allow myself to eat cereal. Like SERIOUSLY cereal, why!? ‘What the hell OCD!? Why does… Continue reading What The Hell OCD?!

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“Think like a proton, always positive”

So a few nights ago I posted this photo on Twitter. Charlie (@DraconiX_CB) and I managed to come up with a metaphor/analogy about this quote relating to OCD! I’m a huge fan of analogies and metaphors, so I was really pleased that we had come up with a new one. I strongly believe that if… Continue reading “Think like a proton, always positive”

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What If?

This phrase lies at the core of OCD. ‘What if.’ Two small words that have such a huge meaning and impact on our lives. My whole life revolves around them, from the smallest things; choosing a glass – ‘What if‘ I chose the wrong glass, ‘What if‘ I’ve caused something bad to happen because of… Continue reading What If?

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‘If your eyes c…

‘If your eyes could speak what would they say?’

Your eyes can say a lot about you. They express your emotions, they show your determination, they show the anger, happiness, sadness and frustration within you.


What would yours say?…

-Ellen x