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Ritualise | YouTube Video

Hello! Today’s post is a YouTube video called ‘Ritualise’. What I hope to get across within this video is the power intrusive thoughts can have over us. No matter what we do e.g go to school, eat, anything really, intrusive thoughts will always seem to find a way to try and gain power. Of course,… Continue reading Ritualise | YouTube Video

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Misconceptions and Stereotypes of OCD | YouTube Video

So, I’ve decided to start branching out with my blogging. I thought maybe why not bring it to YouTube? šŸ™‚ Here’s my first official YouTube video where I talk about the misconceptions and stereotypes of OCD. I hope you enjoy. -Ellen x

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The Lake District Adventure

Hello everyone. So this past week I’ve been on holiday in the Lake District, so I thought I’d share what I did! The lead up to a holiday for me, is always really stressful. Thoughts going all over the place, worrying about trying to make sure everyone’s okay for the trip ect, ect. It’s not… Continue reading The Lake District Adventure

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Just a little update

Hey everyone, sorry for not posting in a little while. As you’ve probably heard from most 15-16 year olds, I have exams. Yippee!… My first exam is on Friday and it’s GCSE history paper 1. Got the causes of WW1, League of Nations, Treaty of Versailles and Hitlers foreign policy embedded into my brain! And… Continue reading Just a little update


How OCD Can Manifest Itself

OCD’s a tricky thing. It can manifest itself into many forms over time depending on the situation that you find yourself in long term, or in other factors of life. It’s very common for obsessions and/or compulsions that you might of had in the past not to bother you anymore. Normally they change almost without… Continue reading How OCD Can Manifest Itself


Dear OCD…

Dear OCD, You’ve been here for 6 years, sometimes you’re that niggling urge that I just can’t brush off and other times you are this monster that takes over my whole life. Draining any rational thought that I may have and turning it against me. You have took so many things that were once an… Continue reading Dear OCD…