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The Fear of Failure | Life in a Cardboard Box

A fear of failure is something that many of us struggle with. Especially with the increasing pressure that seems to be coming from schools and universities to get straight A’s or to finish with a first. With all this pressure, it can leave us extremely torn down and feeling as though there’s an expectation for education… Continue reading The Fear of Failure | Life in a Cardboard Box

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A Ticking Time Bomb | Personal Update

If I was posed the question – ‘Ellen, how would you describe yourself?‘ I would say a ticking time bomb. Emotional regulation is something I really struggle with. The roller coaster of different emotions I go through each day is exhausting and it can be really hard to predict how each day is going to… Continue reading A Ticking Time Bomb | Personal Update

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Making the ‘Invisible’, Visible

“We should focus on reducing the fear and prejudice and replace them with acceptance, tolerance and inclusion.” -Bernice Pescosolido Mental illness. An often covert battle. Masked in layers of “I’m okay” and “I’m just tired”. A battle that is constant, fuelled by the fear of judgement and belittlement. Destroying every positive thought we have and infecting… Continue reading Making the ‘Invisible’, Visible

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IOCDF Conference – Chicago July 2016 | I’m Presenting!

Each year, the International OCD Foundation hosts their OCD conference in one of the major cities within the US. “The Conference features more than 100 presentations, workshops, and seminars as well as nearly two-dozen support groups and various evening events. Our presenters include some of the most experienced and knowledgeable clinicians and researchers in the field,… Continue reading IOCDF Conference – Chicago July 2016 | I’m Presenting!

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A New Chapter

So…where to begin. This blog has been a part of me for the best part of 2 and a half years and within that time, so many things have happened. I’ve had some absolutely incredible experiences and opportunities, but on the flip side, I’ve had some quite awful one’s too that I wish I could… Continue reading A New Chapter

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A Quirk vs OCD #OCDWeek

I often hear people referring to OCD as little quirky personality trait, or something that apparently just adds a bit of pzazz into their lives. What they don’t know is that OCD is a far from fun or quirky personality trait. It’s a debilitating mental health condition that can seriously affect so many people’s lives. Being petrified… Continue reading A Quirk vs OCD #OCDWeek