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DBT Tips: Radical Acceptance

Radical acceptance is a concept that I use quite regularly in order to help me cope day to day and to challenge negative thoughts and feelings. It is a concept that you will most probably hear associated with DBT (dialectical behavioural therapy), as it falls under the module of distress tolerance within its framework. I myself… Continue reading DBT Tips: Radical Acceptance

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Dear Stranger – You Deserve Happiness

You deserve happiness. This may seem a little outright coming from a stranger, but it’s true. However I won’t define happiness for you, that’s what is so special about it. Nobody’s happiness is identical. Maybe you’re happy because you got full marks on a test, or maybe you’re happy because you didn’t let an intrusive… Continue reading Dear Stranger – You Deserve Happiness

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Controlling thoughts – Easier said than done!

Thoughts can be like a runaway train. Running round and round in your head seeming like there’s no end, contaminating your mind, your feelings…I could imagine there being an auction and this happening – ‘Who wants a new mind!?’ Me standing at the back *slowly raises hand* Ah, what am I going on about! That… Continue reading Controlling thoughts – Easier said than done!