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The Little Green Man with the Red Boots

The little green man with the red boots. That voice inside your head that cunningly infects the way you think, insisting you miss that snack, skip that class and do that compulsion just one more time. Just. One. More. Time. JUST. ONE. MORE. TIME… For a long time, I struggled to separate OCD, anorexia etc. from myself. This was particularly evident… Continue reading The Little Green Man with the Red Boots

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Project Pinboard!

Over the past few months my parents and I have been creating a pinboard for my room. It’s something that I’ve always dreamt of having. Being able to pin photographs, quotes, anything that makes me happy! I was speaking with my therapist a couple of months ago about this and we decided to call it… Continue reading Project Pinboard!

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Tips/Advice For Starting Therapy

Therapy can be a daunting thing. The prospect of “wait I have to tell all my problems and what I’m worrying about to a person I don’t even know!?” can be pretty daunting. Currently I’m in treatment at CAMHS (child and adolescent mental health services) I’ve been there for almost two years and I’ve seen… Continue reading Tips/Advice For Starting Therapy

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Changing/Transferring Psychologists

I’ve finally gotten round to writing this post after promising to write it back in October…I’m a bit slow on the uptake I know, but it’s finally here. How to cope and what it’s like when you have to change psychologists. This is a really scary prospect that can be very difficult to go through… Continue reading Changing/Transferring Psychologists

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Finding Out Your Therapist Is Leaving

Long time no blog. Sorry I’ve been inactive for a little while. For this post I want to cover something that I have experienced myself not too long ago. It’s a pretty difficult thing and I’ve mentioned it very slightly in my last post, but I wanted to cover it in more detail as it… Continue reading Finding Out Your Therapist Is Leaving