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#TalkOCD Tweet Chat Tonight! Join The Conversation #OCDWeek

Tonight from 7pm-8pm UK time (so almost exactly an hour from now) I’ll be hosting a live tweet chat for OCD Awareness week, underthe  hashtag #TalkOCD. We’ll be including topics such as; What OCDWeek means to you. The stereotypes and how OCD differs from these. Workplace/school experiences. An aspect you wish people were more educated… Continue reading #TalkOCD Tweet Chat Tonight! Join The Conversation #OCDWeek

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Think you know? – #thatsOCD

Think OCD’s all about ‘being neat’ and ‘cleaning and tidying?’ Take a read of the #thatsOCD hashtag on Twitter and find out what it’s really like. So, as I’ve mentioned a few times on this blog OCD is a very misunderstood subject. The words ‘I’m so OCD!’ gets thrown around on a daily basis and… Continue reading Think you know? – #thatsOCD

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‘If your eyes c…

‘If your eyes could speak what would they say?’

Your eyes can say a lot about you. They express your emotions, they show your determination, they show the anger, happiness, sadness and frustration within you.


What would yours say?…

-Ellen x https://twitter.com/Ellen_White_